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Technicial Attributes of SINOWAY SWLC226 Rubbish Compactors
 1. The strong SHANGCHAI turbocharged drinking water-cooled diesel motor  produced by the caterpillar 3306 diesel engine license of Shangchai, which has sturdy electrical power, super higher dependability, super long services daily life, lower use cost, excellent extensive economic climate, robust plateau adaptability and satisfies the CZPTean II emission CZPT.
two. The sort of transmission hydraulic torque converter + electricity change gearbox can totally adapt to the adverse situations of the instantaneous adjust of the dump. The travel axle is geared up with a nospin differential lock imported from the CZPT States. Even if a compaction wheel slips or hangs in the air, the compaction wheel even now maintains a powerful driving force.
three. Steering and lifting system: the load sensing plunger pump, proportional valve and management manage, stream amplifier, steering gear, steering cylinder and lifting cylinder of the garbage compactor of Sauer-CZPT are specially created for the open cycle hydraulic program. When the steering and bulldozer are doing work, the priority is to flip. When the steering and blade are not operating, the auxiliary pump swashplate immediately returns to the center, and the method is productive and energy-preserving.
four. The entrance and rear bucket frame style of the framework is entirely shut to prevent the sundries in the waste garden from entering. The composition is strong, and the cabin bottom is of ship construction, which reduces the driving resistance of the compactor
The ± fifteen ˚ swing form of the center frame and ± 40 ˚ hinged centre joint can make sure that four compaction wheels touch the ground at the very same time, so as to accomplish the greatest compaction impact, climbing capability and safety the 4-stage slewing bearing is of large-responsibility and substantial daily life type, with massive swing angle, so as to completely improve the anxiety situation of relevant elements of the body.
The adjustable scraper enamel can maintain the compaction wheel and the compaction foot clean and guarantee the compaction efficiency. Every wheel has two clippers to prevent international issues from winding. The compaction wheel is welded with a special sequence of cast lengthy-daily life dress in-resistant teeth. The teeth of the front and rear compaction wheels are organized longitudinally and staggered to further improve the large-force compaction density. The back again and forth operating compaction width of the  compactor is up to four.6m. The three.eight-meter-wide bulldozer can make the garbage compactor have the greatest paving potential. The bulldozer is a reliable frame composition, and the vertical steel bar allows the driver to see the ground problems in front through the shovel. The blade of the shovel is bidirectional, which can be changed and then installed, conserving the upkeep value of the consumer

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Excess weight
Running mass 26000kg
Entrance axle load 12500kg
Rear axle load 13500kg
Duration 8150mm
Width (dozer blade) 3800mm
Width (at entrance wheel) 3430mm
Width (at rear wheel) 3200mm
Peak 3810mm
Compacting width 3430mm
Dozer blade get to 2670mm
Wheel foundation 3500mm
Ground clearance 490mm
Wheel width (entrance / rear) 1195/970mm
Wheel diameter (front/rear, like tooth) 1620/1620mm
Wheel diameter (front/rear, with out teeth) 1220/1220mm
Tooth No. per wheel (front / rear) fifty/forty
Brand name of motor Shangchai
Variety of engine SC9DK
Rated power 192kw
Rated pace 2200rpm
CZPTtric program 24V
CZPT program 4 x four
Travelling speed I (entrance / rear) 4.forty one/four.41km/h
Travelling speed II (front / rear)
Travelling pace III (front / rear)    ten.87km/7.1km/h
Max. gradient capacity one hundred%
Dozer Blade
Height 1880mm
Width 3800mm
CZPT peak 1200mm
Depth 200mm
Brake Technique  
Support brake Air – over – oil, actuate 4 wheels
Parking / unexpected emergency brake CZPT, brake shoe actuator
Steering Method
Type CZPT,middle articulated,moveable
Steering angle ±40°
Transverse swing angle ±15°
Min. steering radius at the entrance wheel 7200mm
Oil tank 500L
CZPT oil tank 236L

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Hot Sale Brand New 192kw Trash Garbage Compactor 26ton Soil Compactor