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Pinch Roll amp Laying Head for Wire Rod Manufacturing Line

1. EPTT Applications
The pinch roller and the laying head ended up established soon after the drinking water-cooling technique of the finishing mills. The pinch roll will grip the function piece and ship it into the laying head to increase the wire rods into 1080mm spiral coils with rotation prior to they ended up despatched to the cooling technique.
two. EPTT parameters Pinch Roll

  1. Input Dimension: AElig5.5~ AElig16mm
  2. Input Pace: ~90m/s
  3. Pinch Roll Collar: AElig183/ AElig87.32 acute72mm
  4. MaXiHu (West Lake) Dis.mum Grip Drive: 3000N
  5. MaXiHu (West Lake) Dis.mum Line Speed: 115m/s
  6. EPTT Ratio: .1056
  1. EPTT Sort: Z4-250-12 DC
  1. EPTT EPTT: DC160kW
  2. EPTT Revolving Velocity: 1500/2100 r/min

two.2 Laying Head

  1. Laying Head Model: Horizontal Laying Head, Slant Angle:15 deg
  2. Wire Rod Diameter: AElig5.five~ AElig16mm
  3. Coil Diameter: AElig1080mm
  4. MaXiHu (West Lake) Dis.mum Laying Speed: 115m/s
  5. EPTT Ratio: .5820896
  6. EPTT Model: Z4-280-forty two DC
  1. EPTT EPTT: DC250kW
  2. EPTT Revolving Velocity: one thousand/1800r/min

two.3 Lubrication: Slim Oil CEPTTr Lubrication
Oil Strain: .35MPa
Consumption: 200L/min
Oil Sort: Mobil 525
2.four Pinch Roll Cooling Water: H2o Stress: .6MPa(Turbid Circulating Water)
Intake: 10m3/h
2.5 Laying Head Cooling H2o: H2o Pressure: .2~.4MPa(Thoroughly clean Circulating H2o)
Usage: 10m3/h
3. The Structural Attributes of the Pinch Roll
Pinch roll and laying head are two different elements which closed connected to each and every other. The pinch roll was established at the entrance of the laying head to grip the work piece and feed it into the laying head. The laying head then will lengthen the wire rods into 1080mm spiral coils and send them to the pursuing cooling method.
The double roll pinch roll with a horizontal cantiEPTT framework can clamp EPTTltaneously by the EPTT of the air cylinder. The pinch roll alone was EPTTed by a DC motor and a 2-phase EPTT box. Two rolls have been mounted individually on two various swinging arms and EPTTn by a cylinder-crank system to clamp. To make sure that the rolling piece would not be in excess of-rolled, the clamp force can be preset and altered. The adjustable restrainer can guarantee two rolls remain untouched from each and every other with a minimal cEPTTr length between two rolls and a maXiHu (West Lake) Dis.mum opening diploma. The entire body box of the pinch roll was welded and the EPTTs and substantial velocity filmatic bearings within had been cEPTTr lubricated by slim oil. The pinch roll will remain managing in the course of every day works and its velocity was deterEPTTd by the true proceeding procedures whilst the rolling piece it carries could be clamped by the head, the unusual or the EPTT method.
The laying head is horizontal and tilted fifteen deg downward. The major laying system was 1 laying tube mounted on the cEPTTr shaft and the EPTT system. The cEPTTr rotating shaft was EPTTed by a pair of EPTTl EPTTs and 1 DC motor. The laying tube can rotate at a certain velocity as preset to lay coils with standard diameter.
The cEPTTr rotating shaft of the laying head includes two components, the spinning head and the hollow shaft with a tube was inserted in. The cooling jacket was set up between the tube and the hollow shaft to avoid the heat EPTT to the bearings hooked up to the hollow shaft.
The entire body box of the laying head was welded and the EPTTs and bearings inside of ended up cEPTTr lubricated by slender oil.
The spinning head was covered by the drum shell of the laying head for safety which also tilting downward. There are a 2-3mm place between the inner diameter of the defense shell and the exterior diameter of the spinning head to make confident that the spinning head can work. The prime of the shell could be opened by two are cylinders to change the laying tube. But the shell need to continue to be shut although doing work.
For all other parts on the cEPTTr shaft that rotate aEPTT with the shaft, they ought to all operate a static equilibrium check just before set up and change the weigEPTT in accordance to the situations. Then a 700r/min dynamic balance test with the accuracy previously mentioned G2.5 diploma. Soon after the set up of the EPTT system, a test operate is required to make confident the vibration on two diverse places stay less that 4.5mm/s. The check spots are situated on the two bearing caps at each aspect of the cEPTTr shaft.
Since of the tilt, a block should be welded on the base basis to immobilize the EPTT box of the laying head.

Just before sale: design the ideal EPTT based mostly on the distinct demands

Medium sale:

one.Dependent on customer’s demand from customers to offer you reasonable quotation venture two.Take customers to visit our factory

3.Help buyer work out the timetable in china

Soon after-sale:

one.On-site training staff 2.Appoint EPTT aftersale provider workers, arrived at the scene XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. consumers installation and commission

HangEPTT EPTT EPT amp EPTT Equiment Co., Ltd.
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  in Ambon Indonesia  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Wire Rod Mill Laying Head Pipe Manufacturer manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Ambon Indonesia  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Wire Rod Mill Laying Head Pipe Manufacturer manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler