Kamaz Parts Spring Brake Chamber T20 20dp, T24 24dp, T30 30dd, T30 30dp, T24 30dd

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Entrance Brake Chamber,Air Brake Chamber,Spring Brake Chamber
Spring Brake Chamber
truck portion disc Spring Chamber Chamber T24,T36
Spring Brake Chamber
item information T24
CZPT No.:Kn36571
Benz No:423 106 116 /423 106 900 (2holes)         
Stroke: 64mm    Bolt Middle: 120.7mm
Port thread: M16*1.five  1/4″NPT  1/four”NPT
Bolt Thread: M16*one.five  M16*one.five  5/eight”UNC
Thrust Rod:  M16*1.five    M16*one.five   5/eight”UNF
Total Drive Rod Length:285mm

Spring Brake Chamber
merchandise specifics T24
CZPT No.:Kn36571  
Benz No:423 106 116 /423 106 900 (2holes)           
Stroke: 64mm    Bolt Middle: 120.7mm
Port thread: M16*one.5  1/four”NPT  one/four”NPT
Bolt Thread: M16*1.5  M16*1.5  five/eight”UNC
Thrust Rod:  M16*one.5    M16*one.5   5/8″UNF  
Total Push Rod Size:285mm


Product MCZPTL First NO BRAKING Method STROKE Technological Info
one T24 CZPT Cover       Diaphragm 64 Max Functioning Force:1.0MPa
Running Temperature Variety:
Operating Strain:.8MPa
2 T24       Diaphragm sixty four
3 T24-WABCO       Diaphragm seventy six
  L A B C D E M
one 297 120.7 2-M16×1.five forty φ12.five 14.5 two-M16×1.5
two two hundred a hundred and twenty.seven 2-five/8-eleven” 37.five φ12.five 14.5 Z3/8″
3 230 120.seven two-M16×1.five 33 φ14 15 two-M16×1.five

Air brake programs are normally used on hefty vans and buses. The technique is made up of services brakes, parking brakes, a handle pedal, and an air storage tank. For the parking brake, there’s a disc or drum brake arrangement which is made to be held in the ‘applied’ situation by spring force. Air stress need to be made to launch these “spring brake” parking brakes. For the support brakes (the types utilised while driving for slowing or halting) to be applied, the brake pedal is pushed, routing the air beneath pressure (approx 100-120 psi or 690-830 kPa or 6.89-eight.27 bar) to the brake chamber, triggering the brake to be engaged. Most types of truck air brakes are drum brakes, though there is an escalating trend towards the use of disc brakes in this application. The CZPT attracts filtered air from the environment and forces it into substantial-strain reservoirs at around a hundred and twenty psi (830 kPa 8.three bar). Most large automobiles have a gauge within the driver’s look at, indicating the availability of air stress for secure car operation, typically like warning tones or lights. A mechanical “wig wag” that automatically drops down into the driver’s area of eyesight when the pressure drops below a certain level is also widespread. Setting of the parking/emergency brake releases the pressurized air in the lines in between the compressed air storage tank and the brakes, therefore making it possible for the spring actuated parking brake to engage. A sudden loss of air pressure would outcome in total spring brake strain right away.

A compressed air brake system is divided into a supply method and a handle program. The offer system compresses, retailers and provides large-pressure air to the control technique as properly as to added air operated auxiliary truck techniques (gearbox shift management, clutch pedal air guidance servo, etc.).

Kamaz Parts Spring Brake Chamber T20 20dp, T24 24dp, T30 30dd, T30 30dp, T24 30dd