Limestone Ball Mill Classifier System

Limestone Ball Mill Classifier System

Limestone Ball Mill Classifier System      

Ball Mill grinds material by rotating a cylinder with metal grinding balls, causing the balls to tumble again into the cylinder and on to the material to be ground. The rotation is typically among 4 to 20 revolutions per moment, dependent on the diameter of the mill.

The bigger the diameter, the slower the rotation. If the peripheral speed of the mill is as well excellent, it begins to act like a centrifuge and the balls do not slide back again, but remain on the perimeter of the mill. The position the place the mill turns into a centrifuge is named the “Essential Velocity”, and ball mills normally function at sixty five% to seventy five% of the essential velocity.

Ball Mill Application:
Are generally employed to grind materials 1/four inch and finer, down to the particle measurement of 20 to seventy five microns. To achieve a reasonable effectiveness with ball mills, they must be operated in a closed system, with oversize material continuously getting recirculated back into the mill to be decreased. Numerous classifiers, this kind of as screens, spiral classifiers, cyclones and air classifiers are utilised for classifying the discharge from ball mills.

Ball mill is an efficient tool for grinding many components into wonderful powder. The ball mill is utilised to grind many types of mine and other supplies, or to decide on the mine. It is extensively utilised in building materials, chemical industry, and many others. There are two methods of grinding: The dry process and the damp method. It can be divided into tabular variety and flowing sort in accordance to diverse forms of discharging material.

Ball Mill Attributes:

1) Is an effective tool for grinding several resources into wonderful powder.
two) The ball mill is employed to grind numerous sorts of mine and other supplies, or to pick the mine
three) Ball mill is widely employed in building substance, and chemical market.
four) There are two techniques of grinding: The dry way and the soaked way.
five) Ball mill can be divided into tabular variety and flowing variety according to differentexpelling mine

6) To use the ball mill, the content to be ground is loaded into the neoprene barrel that includes grinding media.
seven) As the barrel rotates, the substance is crushed between the person items of grinding media that mix and crush the item into fine powder over a period of numerous several hours.
8) The for a longer time the ball mill runs, the finer the powder will be.
nine) Supreme particle dimension is dependent completely on how hard the content you are grinding is, and the time how extended the ball mill runs.
ten) Our ball mills have been utilised to grind glass, powder foods items, generate custume varnishes, make ceramic glaze, powder various chemical substances.
11) Complet ely enclosed welded design and style in large-quality metal.

– Direct travel by means of bearing journal with prime-mounted gearbox.
Motor related to gearbox by means of a V-belt push.
– Merchandise discharge via slots situated all around the periphery of the drum.

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Primary parameters of  ball mill 

Design Shell rotation pace(r/min) Ball load(t) Feeding dimensions(mm) Discharging measurement(mm) Potential Motor energy(kw) Excess weight(t)
Ø 900*1800 36-38 one.five < =20 .075-.89 .65-2 18.5 four.6
Ø 900*3000 36 < =20 .075-.89 22 5.six
Ø 1200*2400 36 three < =25 .075-.six 1.5-four.eight thirty twelve
Ø 1200*3000 36 3.5 < =25 .074-.four 1.six-5 37 twelve.8
Ø 1200*4500 32.four 5 < =25 .074-.four one.6-five.8 55 thirteen.8
Ø 1500*3000 seven.five < =25 .074-.four 2-5 75 15.six
Ø 1500*4500 27 eleven < =25 .074-.four 3-6 one hundred ten 21
Ø 1500*5700 28 12 < =25 .074-.4 three.5-six one hundred thirty 24.7
Ø 1830*3000 twenty five.4 11 < =25 .074-.4 four-ten a hundred thirty 28
Ø 1830*4500 twenty five.four 15 < =25 .074-.four 4.five-twelve a hundred and fifty five 32
Ø 1830*6400 21 < =25 .074-.4 6.five-fifteen 210 34
Ø 1830*7000 24.1 23 < =25 .074-.4 seven.five-17 245 36
Ø 2100*3000 fifteen < =25 .074-.4 6.5-36 155 34
Ø 2100*4500 24 < =25 .074-.four eight-43 245 forty two
Ø 2100*7000 23.7 26 < =25 .074-.4 8-48 280 50
Ø 2200*4500 21.5 27 < =25 .074-.four nine-forty five 280 48.5
Ø 2200*6500 35 < =25 .074-.four 14-26 380 52.eight
Ø 2200*7000 21.7 35 < =25 .074-.four 15-28 380 fifty four
Ø 2200*7500 35 < =25 .074-.4 fifteen-thirty 380 fifty six
Ø 2400*3000 21 23 < =25 .074-.4 seven-fifty 245 54
Ø 2400*4500 21 30 < =25 .074-.4 8.5-sixty 320 65
Ø 2700*4000 20.7 forty < =25 .074-.4 twelve-eighty 400 ninety four
Ø 2700*4500 20.7 forty eight < =25 .074-.four 12-ninety 430 102
Ø 3200*4500 eighteen sixty five < =25 .074-.4 —– 800 137


Limestone Ball Mill Classifier System