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Exceptional Efficiency
The replacement of the NB700S slewing drive gearbox is particularly made for pinion and slewing ring drives. Productively used on tower cranes, shipboard and harbor cranes, wind turbines, and steering drives on ship propulsion systems, the planetary equipment device can be utilized in nearly all purposes where precise positioning is essential. These planetary slewing drives are appropriate for the most demanding responsibilities in any setting.

The layout of the gearbox optimizes torque overall performance and radial load ability in get to completely mesh the pinion and ring gear. For exact adjustment, some variations have eccentric mounting in between the pinion axis and the casing axis. Their vast selection of ratios enables the variety of motor size and kind which ideal satisfies the customer’s needs and software.

Crucial Characteristics
1. Output torque assortment: one thousand-180000 Nm
2. Equipment ratios: i=3.3-3000
3. Assist: slew assistance (with flange-mounted)
4. Output shaft: splined or with integral pinion output shafts supported by large-duty potential bearings
5. Relevant motors: axial piston hydraulic motors, hydraulic orbit motors, IEC electric powered motors
6. Hydraulic motor options: strain aid valve, over-middle valve, parking brake
7. Electric powered brake: DC and AC variety
8. Hydraulic brake: hydraulically introduced parking brake

NB700L Series Slew Drives

NB705L2                                                      NB706L3 Pitch Drive                                                  NB709AL

Complex data and installation dimension of NB700L Series gearbox are the exact same as those of Bonfiglioli 700T Series

Sort Max. torque (N.m) Variety of ratios (i) Max. Enter velocity (rpm) Braking torque (N.m)
Excavator Crane
NB700L 1000 1200 3.38-32 3500 50-400
NB701L 1800 2400 3.38-32 3500 50-400
NB703AL 2500 3500 twelve-one hundred seventy five 3500 50-four hundred
NB705AL 5000 6500 twelve-175 3500 50-four hundred
NB705L 5000 6500 12-175 3500 fifty-400
NB706AL 7700 12000 13-143 3500 fifty-a thousand
NB706L 7700 12000 13-143 3500 fifty-one thousand
NB707AL 10500 16500 thirteen-256 3500 fifty-1000
NB707L 10500 16500 thirteen-256 3500 50-1000
NB709AL 16000 26000 13-256 3500 50-one thousand
NB709L 16000 26000 13-256 3500 50-1000
NB711AL 32000 45000 14-223 2500 four hundred-3200
NB711L 32000 45000 14-223 2500 four hundred-3200
NB713L 40000 55000 fifty-276 2500 400-1000
NB715L3 70000 80000 fifty four-242 2500 850-3200

NB700L Collection gearboxes can be used interchangeably with the adhering to designs of Trasmital Bonfiglioli

700T1F 701T1F 703T2F 705T2F 705T2L 706T2N 707T2N
709T2N 710T2N 711T2C 711T2F 713T3N 715T3N

NB700S Sequence Slew Drives

NB706S2                                                               NB706S2

Technical information and set up dimensions of NB700S Sequence gearbox are the same as those of Rexroth GFB Collection

Sort Max. torque (N.m ) Selection of ratios (i) Max. Enter velocity (rpm) Braking torque (N.m)
Excavator Crane
NB706S 7700 ten thousand 20-106 3500 four hundred-1000
NB707S 10500 16500 twenty five-134 3500 four hundred-a thousand
NB709S 16000 26000 twenty-a hundred and forty four 3500 four hundred-1000
NB710S 18000 29000 36-52 3500 four hundred-one thousand
NB710BS 23000 35000 110-176 3500 four hundred-one thousand
NB710DS 27800 48500 32-181 3500 400-a thousand
NB714S 45000 68300 63-187 3000 600-2000
NB715S 65000 93300 sixty three-212 3000 600-2000
NB716S 120000 sixty three-1500 2500 600-2000
NB717S 180000 sixty three-1500 2000 600-2000

Our planetary gearbox, wheel generate gearbox, winch travel gearbox, track generate gearbox can be alternatives to Bosch Rexroth gearboxes

GFB50T3 GFB60T2 GFB60T3 GFB80T3 GFB110T3 GFB110T4

Observe: Our planetary gearbox, wheel drive gearbox, winch generate gearbox, and monitor travel gearbox, are specifically the exact same as Bosch Rexroth in set up proportions, and nearly the very same withBosch Rexroth in functionality parameters.
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