speed transmission/variable high speed reduction gearbox




VF series worm gear reducer
1.Low noise and temperature rise.
2.High bearing capability,smooth ruuning and long service life.
3.samll volume,light weight,beautiful shape and easy to install.
4.Can run continuously under server environment,and has a good reliability.
Power 0.12kw-15kw
Torque 2.6M2N.m-1070M2N.m
Ratio 5,7.5,10,15,20,25,30,40,50,60,80,100
Color sliver,black,blue,grey
Material Aluminum Alloy(VF044-VF072), Cast iron(VF086)
Packing Inner pack: use plastic bag and foam box, Outer pack: carton or wooden case per

 set or based on customer’s request.

Type VF44 VF49 VF63 VF72 VF86      
Mounting Position Base mounted with solid shaft or hollow shaft
Installation of output flange with solid shaft or hollow shaft