Pellet Making Machine Pelletizing Machine Wood Pellet Machine

Pellet Making Machine Pelletizing Machine Wood Pellet Machine

CE authorized ring die wood pellet mill with automated lubrication

1. Gearbox:
Driving with higher-precision gears, CZPT CZPT pump system maintain the gearbox doing work security and warranty period

2. Vertical motor:
The most attribute is mounting hole with output shaft as the heart, Equidistant distribution around, A lot more strong and stability of equipment doing work

three. Blower technique:
Positioned in one side of operate bin, Free of charge control the working time, The main purpose is dedusting and discharge steam

4. Functioning parts:
Ringdie and rollers resources are alloy steel, Warmth therapy made by ourselves, Hardness more than fifty two, In this hardness can assure the pelleting high quality and warranty time, Working fashion is from inside of to outside the house push, Centrifugal drive and extrusion stress together, Developed more capability, At the exact same time assure hardness and density.

one. Commonly utilized in homes, farming and industries
2. Mainly appropriate for making wooden gasoline pellets
three. Applied to various grains this sort of as corn, wheat, sorghum, and any sort of agro-forestry waste: Crops straw, husks, vines, wooden chips, and so on. (CZPT-preserving & CZPT-safeguarding)
4. Dimension assortment of generating wood pellets: Φ 6mm, Φ 8mm, Φ 10mm, Φ 12mm.


Product Inner Dia of ring die electrical power(KW) Capacity(ton/h) Dimension (m) Bodyweight(KG)
LB -450MX 450mm 55KW .eight-1.0 tons/h 1.4*.75*1.fifty five 2800
LB -550MX 550mm 90KW 1.five-2 tons/h one.9*.ninety five*one.8 4500
LB -800MX 800mm 132KW two-3 tons/h two.5*one.35*two.1 7000
LB1000MX 1000mm 160KW three-4 tons/h two.sixty five*one.45*two.1 8500

Pellet Making Machine Pelletizing Machine Wood Pellet Machine