Rexroth A6ve250Hz 63W1-Vzm027hb Hydraulic Pump in Stock, for Sale

CZPT A6VE250HZ/63W1-VZM571HB CZPT Pump in Stock, for Sale

CZPT variable motor A6VE28, A6VE55, A6VE80, A6VE107, A6VE160, A6VE250


Open up and shut circuits
Collection 63
Dimensions 28 to 160 nominal pressure 400 bars and maximum stress 450 bar.
Size 250 nominal pressure 350 bars and optimum pressure four hundred bar.
-Variable plug-in motor with axial tapered piston rotary team of bent-axis style, for hydrostatic drives in open and closed circuits
-Significantly-achieving integration in mechanical gearbox thanks to a recessed mounting flange located on the heart of the case (extremely place-saving construction)
-Effortless to install, merely plug into the mechanical gearbox (no configuration specifications to be observed)
-Analyzed device ready to put in
-For use particularly in cell applications
-The displacement can be infinitely transformed from Vg max to Vg min = .
-The extensive management variety allows the variable motor to satisfy the necessity for high pace and substantial torque.
-The output pace is dependent on the movement of the pump and the displacement of the motor.
-The output torque raises with the force differential between the higher-force and low-stress facet and with rising displacement.
CZPT Data 
Desk of values (theoretical values, with no efficiency and tolerances values rounded)

Dimensions A6VE28 A6VE55 A6VE80 A6VE107 A6VE160 A6VE250
Nominal force p N bar four hundred 400 four hundred 400 400 350
Greatest pressure pmax bar 450 450 450 450 450 400
Displacement Vg max cm³ 54.eight 80 107 160 250
Velocity at V g max n max rpm 5550 4450 3900 3550 3100 2700
Speed at V g<V g max n max rpm 8750 7000 6150 5600 4900 3600
Inlet movement at nmax q V max l/min 156 244 312 380 496 675
Torque Δ p = 350 bar T Nm 179 349 509 681 1019 1391
Weight (approx.) m kg 16 26 34 47 64 ninety


Rexroth A6ve250Hz 63W1-Vzm027hb Hydraulic Pump in Stock, for Sale